[VIDEO] How To Start Your Business Whilst Employed


Dreaming of ditching your day job and starting your dream job? I hear ya sister.

But the reality is your bank balance and existing commitments may have other ideas so you may have to consider dedicating some serious time to working on your new business idea whilst still at your 9 -to- 5.

In my Startup Q&A Show this week I’ve posted a quick video for you with some handy advice.

The problem is many of us are way too scared starting a business when we are still working, because for some it throws up a lot of answered questions.

– What will my employer think?

– Will I look like I’m being disloyal?

– Is it even legal?

Whilst is makes every sense to try and at least get the business of the ground before deciding to take the leap there are some important ‘Dos and Don’ts to consider first.  I cover some of the main considerations in this weeks video, which is available to watch here.

I know one of my biggest challenges when I first started my digital consultancy business, Digital Marketing London, was that I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find the time on top of everything else I had to do to really make a go of it. Also, I’ve always been a multi-passionate person (like most entrepreneurs there is ALWAYS an idea bubbling along!) so I was always worried that people would think I was just trying on another brainwave or simply being non-committal (the latter is slightly true btw but I’m owning it 🙂

Everyone’s experience is different, but I’m here to reassure you that if you watch these Do’s and Don’ts you’ll feel much more confident in exactly what you need to do to kick-start your business whilst you are still working.

I’ve also outlined the main points very briefly below:

DO – Read your employee contract

It’s not about moonlighting or poaching clients. You want to leave with your reputation fully in tact.


DO – Get organised. Carve out the time & stick to it! Create a routine.

Research your URLs, social channels, test names and see what jumps out at you.


DO – Start Running the Numbers!

How much do you need to start this business? Can you afford it? If not, can you begin researching the dozens of funding opportunities out there for new startups?


DON’T – Don’t go branding crazy!

No logo design, branded t-shirts, business cards or promo material until you’ve auctioned my next point please 🙂


DO – Start Validating Your Business Idea

Get super clear on your products and services and test their feasibility.


DON’T – Give up on your day job!

Respect your employer. Turn up and show up. Do not use work resources, time or phone lines/emails to run your business.


DO – Give Yourself a Launch Date 

Now, how may times have you said you were gonna start this project? By putting a Launch date in the diary and set yourself some mini deadlines.


DON’T – Be too hard on yourself.

Give yourself a break. Get to the gym. Meet friends. Relax. It’s important to take care of you in the early stages.


Tell me…

Once you’ve watched this week’s video, I’d love to know if you have any more top tips for Starting Whilst Employed to add to the list in the comments below.


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